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An episodic, story-driven, puzzle platform game


Master of Ravens is an episodic, story driven, puzzle platform game, set in the mythological fantasy world of The Land of Spirits. The game tells the life story of Tristan, a so-called Master of Ravens, who is both revered and feared for his ability to wield a massive flock of ravens for both good and evil.

Over the course of 5 episodes (all the way from boyhood to old-age) you learn about Tristan’s tortured and violent past as you begin to unravel the mysteries surrounding Tristan’s sentencing to death. Building up your ancestral murder of ravens, you work together with your birds to solve puzzles and fight enemies as you journey through the Land of Spirits.

Curious about our POC demo level for Episode 1: Boyhood? Watch a playthrough video:


We as a team have put much effort into making Master of Ravens a heart-wrenching, pulse pulsating, uninterrupted gaming cinematic experience.

Our aim is to provide the player with the opportunity to delve into a world far removed from their own, but one that still feels uniquely personal and familiar all the same. Applying our background in emotional story-telling and our prowess as experienced software developers, we have combined all our in-house knowledge to offer the player a seamless, continuous, uninterrupted adventure.


ina larqina dunigyela

The Journey begins...


Our development team is a great fan of 2D artistic games that apply unique stylized artwork to tell their stories. Taking inspiration from these games, we have set out on a quest to develop our own in-house art style that is both unique to us and feels timeless and transportive. Using a combination of 2D parallax layers, 2D environment art and 3D models projected in silhouette, we are able to take the best from both worlds and develop high quality content in a fast, yet efficient way.

In fact, one of the things we love to do as a team is look into ways of how we can streamline the development process. Therefore, among other things we have been working diligently on making a 2d art generation tool called 'ArtForge', that utilizes a combination of generative algorithms and AI style-transfer, to efficiently automate our art generation. We have also been striving to bring more depth and movement to our environments by coding custom shaders that work well with the silhouette style chosen.


Most members of our development team have a background in music composition, sound design, and audio engineering. This allowed us to come up with a sound design strategy that mixes different layers of our music smoothly, in order for the player’s immersion never to be interrupted. In addition, we worked closely with a seasoned voice actor with an amazing knack for embodying and enhancing a character from script.

Have a listen to our music and his amazing performance here:

Besides creating the cinematic music and narration in-house, we have been working diligently on creating a sound generation system called ‘PostProFX’, that allows us to algorithmically generate custom audio effects and textures based on game-events. This project has its own website for you to check out:

gyelo ina virvi nira ilregriva

In the Ether we meet...


The game Master of Ravens is produced by Intronaut Games, a Dutch self-funded indie game studio, founded in 2022 by Jochem de Jong after an inspiring talk with his longtime friend Jesse Stael. Combining their love for gaming and storytelling, and applying Jochem’s extensive experience with software development, Master of Ravens was born.

Intronaut Games applies their founder’s 10 plus years of experience in creating commercial software to make smart, cost-effective decisions about the game development process, and to create internal solutions that effectively systemize and automate our workflow. The ultimate goal of Intronaut Games is to make these solutions into services available to indie studios looking for good, trustworthy, yet scalable solutions.


Last but not least, we would like to share with you the project that inspired us to start Intronaut Games and to create Master of Ravens. The Land of Spirits started some 20 years ago by Intronaut Games co-founder Jochem de Jong as a passion project, but has since grown out to become a mythological fantasy franchise with many different writers contributing, multiple novels published and artists and musicians continuously providing new music and art to deepen the experience of the lore. With Master of Ravens, we aim to combine talents from all across the globe to offer a vast world of fantasy you yourself can live and walk in. Let Master of Ravens only be the beginning of this walk!

If you want to learn more about it, you can check out the project’s website here:



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